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Leadership Highlights


Every unit I have managed has ended every year with a budgetary surplus.


As a leader, my goal is to motivate those with whom I work and empower others to innovate and to make decisions so I may focus my attention on policy issues, mission, finances, and external affairs. 


Miami Hamilton, a regional campus of Miami University, provides access to a Miami quality education to over 5,000 credit earning students, serves thousands of students in noncredit continuing education and leadership development programs, and  it contributes to the intellectual, civic, and economic health of its region. 



































As a program coordinator, chair, and chief executive of a campus I have had the opportunity to hone and prove my abilities as a higher education leader.


I have led academic and technological innovation, growth, quality improvement, facilities construction and renovations, and new program development.

While I led Miami Hamilton, the campus increased its surpluses and cash reserves while it grew the number of degree and co-curricular programs. In addition, we created Miami University’s first computer mediated degree program, constructed one new building, acquired and renovated two new buildings, and substantially improved aging facilities. We also made major technological advancements, added faculty and staff, increased professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and increased its support for student government and organizations. 


In addition, we invested in the communities we serve by establishing a Center for Civic Engagement, opening Miami Hamilton Downtown, and through the development of new relationships with community partners and deepening preexisting partnerships.  The campus also raised the greatest amount of money in its history during my tenure as dean. 


I have been responsible for units with both non-union and union employees.

I believe that outstanding employee performance is the result of good recruitment and hiring, and servant-leadership.


I endeavor always to be an active listener who respects innovation, quality, passion, hard work, and commitment.